geofront.backends.stash — Bitbucket Server team and key store

New in version 0.3.0.

Provides implementations of team and key store for Atlassian’s Bitbucket Server (which was Stash).

class geofront.backends.stash.StashKeyStore(team: geofront.backends.stash.StashTeam)

Use Bitbucket Server (Stash) account’s public keys as key store.

class geofront.backends.stash.StashTeam(server_url: str, consumer_key: str, rsa_key: str)

Authenticate team membership through Bitbucket Server (which was Stash), and authorize to access Bitbucket Server key store.

  • server_url (str) – the base url of the bitbucket server (stash server)
  • consumer_key (str) – the consumer key (client id)