geofront.backends.github — GitHub organization and key store

class geofront.backends.github.GitHubKeyStore

Use GitHub account’s public keys as key store.

class geofront.backends.github.GitHubOrganization(client_id: str, client_secret: str, org_login: str) → None

Authenticate team membership through GitHub, and authorize to access GitHub key store.

Note that group identifiers list_groups() method returns are GitHub team slugs. You can find what team slugs are there in the organization using GitHub API:

$ curl -u YourUserLogin
Enter host password for user 'YourUserLogin':
    "name": "Owners",
    "id": 111111,
    "slug": "owners",
    "permission": "admin",
    "url": "",
    "name": "Programmers",
    "id": 222222,
    "slug": "programmers",
    "permission": "pull",
    "url": "",

In the above example, owners and programmers are team slugs.

  • client_id (str) – github api client id
  • client_secret (str) – github api client secret
  • org_login (str) – github org account name. for example 'spoqa' in